Press Release

Addameer: Al Qeiq has been forcibly treated and is in a life-threatening condition
Ramallah – 18 January 2016 – Addameer confirms that the administrative detainee Journalist Mohammad Al Qeiq, who is on a hunger strike, has been forcibly treated (as opposed to force-fed) and is in a life-threatening condition. Al-Qeiq lost consciousness and was subsequently transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. Journalist Al-Qeiq, who has been...
Joint Statement on the Appalling Sentencing of Leading Palestinian Human Rights Defender, Ms Khalida Jarrar
London, Ramallah and New York, 04 January 2016 - Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights (LPHR), Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association (Addameer) and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) are deeply appalled at the sentencing of leading Palestinian human rights defender, Ms Khalida Jarrar, to 15 months imprisonment by an Israeli military...
Families of Jerusalem Martyrs Refuse Any Conditions on Returning their Children's Bodies
Addameer’s lawyer, adv. Mohammad Mahmoud, reported that the families of four martyrs from Jerusalem refused to accept any conditions on returning the bodies of their children by the Israeli occupation forces. Mr. Mohammad Alayyan, who spoke on behalf of the families stated that the families refused accepting any conditions on returning the bodies...
Addameer: Israeli Occupation Proceeds with Mass Arrests and Collective Punishment
Since the beginning of the popular uprising that started three months ago all over the occupied Palestinian territories, Israeli occupation authorities continued to escalate its policies of oppression and collective punishment against Palestinians. According to Addameer’s statistics, Israeli occupation forces arrested more than 2663 Palestinians...
Ex-prisoner Moayyad Makhlouf Attacked by Israeli Army Dog
Israeli Occupation Forces raided the house of ex-prisoner Moayad Makhlouf in Ramallah unleashing an army dog which attacked Moayad and bit his left hand, causing severe injuries. Moayad was immediately taken to Palestinian Medical Complex In Ramallah. The ex-prisoner reported to Addameer that more than 15 soldiers raided the house on Tuesday at...
Addameer: Illegal Forcible Transfer Aims to Empty Jerusalem of its Palestinian Residents
Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association confirms that international law prohibits arbitrary forcible transfer orders, such as those issued by the occupation forces against Palestinians, particularly in the occupied city of Jerusalem. These orders aim to empty the city of its Palestinian residents and take control over the political...