The administrative detention of Palestinian journalist and human rights defender Hasan Safadi, the Media Coordinator for Addameer, has been renewed for an additional 6 months for the second time. Safadi's administrative detention order was set to end on 8 June 2017, but the order has been renewed. The new order is from 09 June - 08 December 2017. Administrative detention orders may be renewed indefinitely.

Safadi’s administrative detention order is scheduled to be confirmed by a judge at a time set in the next 48 hours, making him one of approximately 500 Palestinians held without charge or trial under administrative detention. Administrative detention orders are renewable indefinitely and issued for one to six month periods at a time; some Palestinians have spent years at a time in administrative detention, on the basis of secret evidence submitted by the Shin Bet.

Safadi was initially ordered to six months detention without charge or trial on 10 June 2016, and the order was set to end on 8 December 2016. It has since been renewed twice (including the latest renewal order). 

Safadi, 26, who has been imprisoned since 1 May 2016 while crossing the Karameh bridge between Jordan and Palestine’s West Bank, was subjected to 40 days interrogation at Al-Moskobiya interrogation center. Following an order of release by judge and bail money paid by his family as terms of release, Safadi was then placed under administrative detention on 10 June 2016, the day of his scheduled release. 

Addameer strongly condemns the continued detention of Safadi, which is part of the continued attack on Palestinian journalists and media activists, some of whom are held under administrative detention without charge or trial.