Press Release - October 05, 2002
On 3 October 2002, the Palestinian detainee Moamar Mohamad Jomaa Jamous from Nablus, was severely beaten by Israeli soldiers. In a sworn affidavit, Jamous stated that:
“On 3 October, I was on the Israeli prison administration bus that was transferring Palestinian detainees from Ofer Detention Camp to the Negev Desert Prison. When the bus reached the prison’s sectretariat, I tried to light a cigarette inside the bus. It is understook that detainees are forbidden from smoking throughout the transfer trip, which may extend to five hours, but are allowed to smoke when they reach the prison borders. One of the soldiers said to me ‘If you are a man, just light your cigarette.’ So I did, and then the same soldier told me to put it out. I refused to. The soldier then raised his M16 at me and brutally pushed me out of the bus. As soon as I fell out of the bus, he shoved me down to the ground, and two other soldiers started to beat me. One of the soldiers hit my head with the butt of his rifle. I was also hit along my front, my head and my chest.”
It is important to note that the detainee was beaten while he was handcuffed, and so was unable to protect himself from the blows he received.
Jamous went on to state that
“they stopped beating me because another detainee intervened and started shouting to try and stop this aggressive act. After they stopped, they quickly took me to the prison’s medical clinic, where the doctors stitched my head, gave me a medical report, and then sent me to the prisoner’s section.”
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