After his final hearing on 17 September 2017, it has been confirmed that Salah will be imprisoned until 22 February 2018 under administrative detention. In response, we are calling on our supporters from EU member states to contact their representatives, and urge them to condemn the Israeli policy...
Issa Amro is the first person to be officially charged under the 'Electronic Crimes Law'. By analysing the circumstances of his case, we draw conclusions as to how we can expect to see this decree applied in the future.
In August 2017, 522 Palestinians were arrested by Israeli occupation forces, including 130 children and 16 women.
After having a final appeal on 12 September 2017, human righst defender and Addameer Researcher Salah Hamouri has had his 6-month admnistrative detention order reinstated.
Addameer's statement on the detainment and release of Issa Amro, human rights defender from Hebron. The PA's charges against him, under the 'Electronic Crimes Law', still stand.

G4S: Securing War Crimes

G4S is a British-Danish private security company that profits from the imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners and systems of Israeli occupation and apartheid. They maintain security equipment at checkpoints and in illegal Israeli settlements, and they employ private security personnel posted at checkpoints and to protect construction sites for the settlements and the Annexation Wall.

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