With every event of resistance by Palestinians, the Israeli occupation uses the tactic of mass arrests and increased brutality of Palestinians prisoners since the start of the occupation. As mentioned, with time the intensity of the brutality and arrests only increases as a form of punishment and as a way to suppress the resistance with an aim to control all aspects of Palestinian lives and punishment of a whole society. This is exactly the case since the 7th of October, following the Israeli aggression against Palestinians. Since October 7th up until January 23, 2024, the number of Palestinians detained by the Israeli occupation has only increased with the total number of arrest campaigns exceeding 6220. The majority of arrests came from the Hebron governorate with the number surpassing 1000 arrests. The arrest campaigns do not discriminate as they consist of women, children, elderly, journalists, and University students alike.

Addameer publishes this comprehensive report while the crime of genocide in Gaza is ongoing, aggression and mass arrest campaigns in the west bank and Jerusalem are still taking place. This report addresses the following:


A History of Violations Leading to the Inevitable Response. 3

Escalation of Arrests and Detentions: A Disturbing Snapshot from October to January 2024. 4

Unveiling Oppression: Israeli Occupation tactics in the Arrest of Palestinians 7

Excessive use of force during the arrest operations 8

Fatal Consequences: Deaths Resulting from Forceful Arrests 9

Incitement by Israeli extremists Fuels Arrests of Palestinian Detainees 10

Inside Israeli Prisons: A Close Look at the Living Conditions of Detained Palestinians 11

Isolation Intensified: Converting Individual Cells into Distinct Prisons 11

Starvation Policy: Exposing the Inhumanity Faced by Palestinian Detainees 12

Fierce and Successive Attacks on Prisoners Inside Their Cells 13

Deliberate Medical Neglect 15

Forced Isolation and Disappearance: Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity. 19

Public Assassination of Palestinian Prisoners 20

Gender Based Violence and Harassment of Palestinian Detainees 24

Strip Search. 24

Children Stripped of their Innocence25

Exploring the Varied Forms of Collective Punishment Against Palestinians 28

Administrative Detention as a Punishment Against the Palestinian Prisoners and their Family. 28

Legal Maneuvering: Israel's Exploitation of Emergency Laws and Amendments in the Persecution of Palestinians 29

The full comprehensive report is attached.