Every year on April 5th, Palestinian Children's Day is observed, where Palestinian children have historically lived under extremely difficult conditions due to the occupation. Since the early years of the occupation of Palestinian territories until today, the occupation has targeted children through various means and methods directly, without any consideration for agreements guaranteeing their rights. Through its practices against children in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, the occupation considers targeting children as one of its main objectives in its war against the Palestinian people.

Recently, with the outbreak of the comprehensive aggression by the occupation against the Palestinian people and the ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip, the occupation has killed more than 12,000 Palestinian children from Gaza in the past six months, according to the Ministry of Health. It's worth noting that this toll is not final as the aggression continues, with thousands of Palestinians are still missing under the rubble. Additionally, more than 100 child martyrs have been killed by occupation forces since the beginning of the year in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

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