Since the initiation of their collective boycott on 1 January 2022 under the campaign ‘Our Decision is Freedom…No to Administrative Detention,’ all 530 Palestinian administrative detainees have completed 101 days of their mass, collective, and comprehensive boycott against Israeli military courts. Despite the boycott, during confirmation hearings, Israeli military judges often state that they “acknowledge that the administrative detainee refuses to be presented in a military court; however, we cannot ignore the possible threat he imposes on the security of the region.”

Alongside their boycott, Palestinian administrative detainees have taken additional escalatory steps to protest their arbitrary administrative detention from inside prisons. On 1 March 2022, sick Palestinian administrative detainees refused to take their medicine for one week. Later, between 6-8 March 2022, Palestinian Administrative detainees held in Meggido, Ofer, and Naqab prisons returned one of their meals on all three consecutive days in continued protest