Addameer Visits Prisoner Fadwa Hamadah Held in Isolation in al-Jalameh Prison

Yesterday, 22 June 2020, Addameer’s lawyer Samer Samaan was able to visit female prisoner Fadwa Hamadah who is placed in isolation along with female prisoner Jihan Hasimeh at al-Jalameh prison for over two weeks.

Prisoner Fadwa informed the lawyer of the harsh detention conditions the two female prisoners are suffering from in isolation. The two prisoners were transferred to isolation after an issue occurred with the prison guards at Damon prison rooms where the two prisoners were. They were first transferred to an isolation cell at Damon prison, where they were kept on the floor with their hands cuffed to the back, causing extreme pain to their hands and fingers. Hours after they were kept in isolation at Damon prisoner, they were transferred to al-Jalameh isolation cells where they currently are held.

The prisoner reported that she is held at the same cell along with the other female prisoner, the cell is really small and dirty, it has no shower as well. The two female prisoners were also not allowed recreational time at all for two weeks, the cell does allow light in because it has one small window that is covered with a grid. Furthermore, the prisoners were not provided any clothes they have been wearing the same clothes since the beginning for their isolation period. The prisoner also reported that the cells have cameras and that they are watched the whole time which violates their privacy. They were also not provided with blankets but only sheets which are not clean and not enough to protect them with the cold since there is an air-condition in the cell turned on on a low temperature the entire time. Also, the prisoners informed the lawyer that she has not been provided with her medications or given any medical examination since the beginning of the isolation period, Fadwa suffered from high blood pressure.

The Israeli Prison Services punished the two female prisoners with isolation for 21 days after an issue happened with the prison guards concerning their detention conditions. The two female prisoners were also banned family visits as part of the punishment.