The Court of First Instance in Jerusalem Rules for a Conditional Release for Addameer's Lawyer Salah Hamouri

Today, 7 July 2020, Addameer’s lawyer Salah Hamouri received a conditional release at the Israeli Court of First Instance. The conditional release Salah received included a 2000 NIS bail, a personal financial guarantee of 1000 NIS, and a third-party financial guarantee of 1000 NIS. The conditional release also included prohibiting Salah of any communications with a number of individuals for a total period of 90 days ending on 7 October 2020. Additionally, Salah has to attend any court session, and interrogation sessions when needed or called upon.

Salah Hamouri was arrested on 30 June 2020, from Shaikh Jarah in occupied Jerusalem at a medical center, where he was taking the mandatory COVID-19 test before traveling to France to his wife and son. Salah is a lawyer and he is part of Addameer's lawyers’ team, this is his fifth arrest as he already spent several years in detention, some where based on sentences and others were based on the arbitrary administrative detention.