Israeli forces arrest former prisoner Yousef Abu Al Kheir after 34 years of exile

Israeli occupation forces arrested exiled former Palestinian political prisoner Yousef Abu Al Kheir, who was deported back in 1985. Abu Al Kheir was arrested at Al Lod Airport a few days ago, after 34 years of living outside the country. Abu Al Kheir was arrested in 1969 for being a member of a Palestinian militant group, and received two life sentences by an Israeli court for allegedly carrying out attacks. He was later released in an exchange deal in 1985 under the condition of leaving Palestine. He first went to Libya and then moved to Greece, where he was living before his arrest. 

Abu Kheir has been taken to an unidentified location. Addameer strongly condemns Yousef Abu Al Kheir's arrest and suggests that this is part of a larger pattern of targeting former Palestinian political prisoners.