Today, Tuesday 28 July 2020, the Magistrate Court in Jerusalem issued a conditional release for Daoud al-Ghoul, the previous director of Shafaq, the Jerusalem Art Coalition. The conditions of his release included ten days house arrest at his family home, a financial bail of 3000 NIS, in addition to two personal financial guarantees, each 5000 NIS, and finally a ban on contacting any person related to his case for a total of one month.

Daoud was arrested on Wednesday, 22 July 2020, after raiding his home, searching through its belongings and confiscating several documents and devices. His detention was extended twice before a conditional release was issued for him. This is Daoud’s sixth arrest as he was arrested several time in the past, was forcibly transferred from Jerusalem for one year, and also banned access to the West Bank and travel abroad from a certain period of time.