The Military Court at Salem, Sentences Prisoner Qais Daraghmeh Who is Placed in Quarantine at Ayala Prison

Today, 5 April 2020, the Israeli Military Court at Salem sentenced prisoner Qais Daraghmeh. Qais is currently in quarantine at Ayala Prison, after his direct interaction with ex-prisoner Nour al-Deen Sarsour who tested positive for the corona-virus after his release last week.

During the court session today, Qais was connected via a phone call. The judge at the military court sentenced with a 2000 NIS (600 USD) fine, a suspended sentence for nine months in prison in the coming three years, and settling for the actual time he already spent in prison. This sentence would mean that Qais has to be released today. The list of charges were mainly disturbing the public order and throwing stones.

Prisoner Qais Daraghmeh was held at Ofer prison, section 14, the section which ex-prisoner Nour al-Deen Sarsour was detained at before his release last week on 31 March 2020. One day after Nour’s release, he texted positive for the corona-virus.

According to a phone conversation between the prisoner, Qais Daraghmeh, and Addameer’s lawyer, all other prisoners and detainees who were at section 14 at Ofer prison and had direct interaction with Nour al-Deen Sarsour were transferred to isolation at Ayala prison in the south of Beir al-Sabe’. Those prisoners are kept separately each in his cell. Furthermore, the prisoner administration promised to test them for the corona-virus, though, so far after a whole week the prisoners were not tested yet for the virus and the only test made for them is taking their temperature.