Administrative Detention in the OPT - Between Law and Practice
31 December 2010
This research paper outlines the general principles and procedural safeguards governing administrative detention in international law with the aim of revealing the ways in which the Israeli Occupying Forces’ use of administrative detention in the occupied Palestinian territory violates these provisions.
The Right of Child Prisoners to Education
31 October 2010
This research paper addresses the right to education for Palestinian child prisoners inside Israeli prisons. In doing so, it provides a comprehensive review of international laws and conventions pertaining to the right of education and examines Israeli civilian laws and Israeli Prison Service regulations pertaining to this right. The report also provides an international comparative lens through which the relative deprivation of Palestinian child prisoners’ educational rights in Israeli jails...
Administrative Detention in the occupied Palestinian territory - A Legal Analysis Report, July 2010 update
31 July 2010
Administrative detention is a procedure under which detainees are held without charge or trial. No charges are filed, and there is no intention of bringing a detainee to trial. In Israel, such detention can be renewed indefinitely. In that context, this report examines Israel’s policy of administrative detention in view of general principles of international law governing detention in general and administrative detention in particular, as well as provisions set out in Israeli law. While Israel...
The Sounds of Silence
31 December 2009
The report is based on the testimonies of 19 prisoners, including 17 who are currently being held in isolation and two who were held in isolation in the past and who have since been released. The majority of the testimonies were received from sentenced prisoners. The testimonies were received by using a questionnaire on prison conditions, medical (including psychiatric) treatment, and communication with the world within and outside the prison. The report is also based on applications for...
Reaching the ‘No-Peace’ Agreement: The Role of Palestinian Prisoner Releases in Permanent Status Negotiations
31 December 2009
Following the end of last winter’s 23-day Israeli aerial and ground offensive on the Gaza Strip, which killed at least 1,400 Palestinians, including 353 children, and left more than 5,380 wounded, an Israeli-Palestinian prisoner exchange has been high on the region’s political agenda.
Presumed Guilty: Failures of the Israeli Military Court System - An International Law Perspective, November 2009
30 November 2009
Since the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory in 1967, Palestinians have been charged with offenses under Israeli military law and tried in military courts. Over the last 42 years, an estimated 700,000 Palestinians have been detained under Israeli military orders in the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT).
Presumed Guilty: Failures of the Israeli Military Court System (2009)
29 November 2009
The Israeli military court system has operated since its 1967 inception with frightening impunity. As an Occupying Power, Israel has the right under international humanitarian law to establish military courts in the OPT. However, applicable international human rights and humanitarian law restrict the jurisdiction of such courts, and guarantee certain fundamental fair trial rights. Moreover, it is questionable whether the use of military courts to try civilians can ever satisfy the requirements...
Repression allowed, Resistance denied - Stop the Wall and Addameer joint report, March 2009
31 July 2009
It has been five years since the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued its advisory opinion on the Wall in the occupied Palestinian territory – where they held in a unanimous opinion that it was illegal and should be dismantled. No significant advance in the situation on the ground has been achieved, and the Wall construction continues relentlessly.
Addameer Association (2008), “In Need of Protection: Palestinian Female Prisoners in Israeli Detention”, November 2008
30 November 2008
This study evaluates the situation of Palestinian female prisoners and detainees in Israeli jails taking a human rights approach. In particular, it aims at (1) exposing the process of arrest and interrogation of Palestinian women (2) evaluating the needs of women prisoners in terms of detention conditions (3) access to health care, (4) education and finally, (5) contact with the outside world, in particular family relations.
Defending Palestinian Prisoners: A report on the status of defense lawyers in Israeli courts, April 2008
30 April 2008
An incarcerated population More than 650,000 Palestinians have been detained by Israel since 1967.5 As of 1 December 2007, there were approximately 10,000 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons and detention centers. At least 857 of these political prisoners are administrative detainees and have not been charged or tried.