Press Release

Ongoing Harassment and Arrest Campaign Against Protected Persons
The Israeli forces carry on with the intensified suppression campaign, in the early hours of Thursday 14 December Israeli forces have raided several cities in the West Bank, two universities and 4 printers. Israeli occupation forces have raided Birzeit university, they searched the several facilities in the campus and confiscated several of the...
A Continuous Mass Arrest Campaign as Part of Collective Punishment Measures against Palestinians
The occupying force continues with a concerted campaign of arrests, which intensified immediately after President Trump’s announcement regarding Jerusalem on 6 December. As a result of unrest, Israeli forces undertook a series of arrests on the morning of 13 December 2017. The arrest campaign reached different areas in the West Bank including East...
PHROC calls on Member States of the European Union to Respect the Legal Status of Jerusalem and to Abide by their Obligations under International Law in the oPt
In the fiftieth year of Israel’s unlawful occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, Israel continues to significantly alter the legal status, demographic composition, and character of the city of Jerusalem in violation of international law. International consensus over the past seven decades has rejected any claim...
Statement: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 2017
We, at Addameer, have seen our fair share of International Days of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. We have celebrated them in Palestine; we have celebrated them in New York; and we have celebrated them in Geneva. The event that started as a diplomatic exercise, and is celebrated on the day of the adoption of the 1947 Partition Plan, has...
Joint report: 483 Palestinians arrested in October 2017
According to a joint report issued by the Prisoners Club of Palestine, the Mayzan Center for Human Rights, and Addameer, there were 483 Palestinians arrested by occupation authorities during the month of October. Of these 483, 125 were children and 8 were women. By area there were 137 arrested from Jerusalem, 80 from the Hebron area, 20 from the...
Urgent Action: Hunger strikers at risk of permanent health complications
Today marks the twenty-first day that Bilal Diab has been undertaking a hunger strike against his administrative detention. Having been held without charge for a year and hunger striking for 78 days in 2012, Bilal was rearrested by occupation forces on 14 July 2017. He was given a six month administrative detention order, without being informed of...