Press Release

The Confirmation of Khalida Jarrar's Administrative Detention Order
PLC member and human rights defender Khalida Jarrar received a renewal for her administrative detention order on 25 October 2018. This four-month order got confirmed after only a few days. Khalida is meant to be released on 28 February 2019, This would mean that Khalida would be held in prison, without charge or trial, for 20 months as this is the...
Urgent Action: Help Free Human Rights Defender Khalida Jarrar
On 25 October 2018, we received word that Khadlida Jarrar’s administrative detention order would be renewed for an additional four months. This news is heartbreaking and devastating, but not out of the ordinary. Her confirmation hearing will be held in the coming week. The new order is to extend her detainment by a further four months, meaning...